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The Foundation of the Immokalee Child Care Center

The Foundation for the Immokalee Child Care Center was established in 1996 for the purpose of ensuring ongoing financial support of the Immokalee Child Care Center through a managed endowment fund. Its goal is to help continue the Center's mission: to serve the Immokalee community by providing exceptional educational programs and the highest quality childcare.

The Foundation's initial goal to raise $5,000,000 in endowment funds to help supplement annual operating costs and capital expenditures is well under way. The Foundation Board is optimistic they will be able to reach this goal with the help of those members of the community who have been so instrumental in the success of the center from the beginning.

Parent Education and Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved with all aspects of their child’s education. We believe that a strong home and center relationship is basic to the young child’s education, and that parents, children and teachers benefit from learning and working together.

Upon enrollment, an orientation is planned to familiarize families with the center. The Immokalee Child Care Center adheres to and supports an open-door policy for the parents of the children enrolled in our program.

Parents are required to volunteer at least one hour a month to maintain childcare in the program. A Center newsletter is distributed once a month, and articles include features on child development, activities and general Center information.

Staff and parents work together to promote family education and involvement within the center. It is our goal to establish family-focused events and parent education activities. It is the goal of the Immokalee Child Care Center to provide a beneficial experience for the child, and encourage cooperation and communication between the family and the Center.